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Coffee Collective

Sadi Loya, Ethiopia

Sadi Loya, Ethiopia

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Roast date, February 22, 2024

It's an elegant flavor, with a fruity tones.
It's a pleasant taste, with a soft citrus acidity, and a honey-like
sweet flavor.
Sadi Loya is here in the Jimma area and has an organic 
certification. COLLECTIVE A bean with a beautiful and fragrant
taste! Located in the southwestern part of the Oromia
administrative area, there is one area with dense forests and cool
climate, which accounts for 10% of the country's total capacity. Sadi Loya has a special feature that is typical of the joyful
nature of the music, especially since it has a transparent and
fruity flavor, and the structure is beautiful and elegant. Flavor description: citrus, honey, soft and elegant balanced
acidity Collaborative producer: Habtamu Fekadu Quality Bonus: 92% Variety: Heriloom Sea: 2,100-2,300 masl Harvesting season: November to January Process: Washing with water Roasting degree: light roasting

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