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February Discovery Roasters

September Coffee Company

Ottawa, Canada

We are so happy to introduce September Coffee Co. to you all! In your cup you will find. a beautiful Pink Bourbon Colombia with notes of fruit salad, berries, and limeade!


Botz Coffee

Whiting, Indiana

For BOTZ’s Dayglow subscription feature, we roasted a washed pink bourbon from Flor Marina
Betancourt, her family and her farm Finca Cataluña. More than any other pink bourbon lots, we
find those of Flor and Finca Cataluña to have a unique tropical density and yellow-fruit flavor
focus, similar to pineapple or lemon icing. With the entirety of our quirky roasting robo persona, we hope you enjoy Flor’s expertise and mastery.


Savage Coffees


We are introducing another new roaster! Savage Coffee introduces this washed Carbonic Maceration Geisha from Panama!  crisp, clean, and impeccably transparent. White floral aromatics, a brilliant acidity, and enduring an aftertaste are hallmarks of IRIDESCENCE. Jamison induces these vibrant attributes through the Carbonic Maceration process, a process he’s perfected through years of experimentation. 

Tasting Notes of Coffee Flower, Lychee, Tangerine, Peach




Frukt is a long time partner! We have been working with them for quite some time and admire them truly! We are happy to be featuring them in our 4th and 5th tier this month!

Alaka is a washed Ethiopia with bright notes of citurs and soft florals.

Rigoberto Sánchez is a washed Colombia with notes of juicy red berries.



Discover the worlds best coffees at your doorstep.

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