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July Discovery Roasters

Right Side Coffee

Barcelona, Spain

We are introducing a new roaster to our subscription! Right Side Coffee is not just a coffee brand; it's a journey, an experience, and a commitment to excellence. In your cup you will find a juicy Colombian with notes of Pineapple and Vanilla.



Edinburgh, UK

In your box you have a Andung Sari & Sigarar Utang varietal from Indonesia that underwent a natural process. Ideal growing conditions from rich volcanic soil, created by past eruptions of Mount Kerinci: you will find notes of cherry sweetness & a port complexity in your cup!



 Calgary, Canada

Please welcome our new friends at Monogram Coffee! In your box you will find a beautiful Bolivan coffee.

"Finca Takesi’s coffees are truly world class, have an exotic flavor profile, and an absolute luxury to experience. Through our dedication to quality, relationship and recognition, we have been granted exclusive Canadian partnership to Takesi, making us one of 6 roasters in the world with access."


Leaves Coffee


Tokyo, Japan

This month Leaves x Dayglow are releasing an exclusive lot from Costa Rica!
Hacienda Copey #54 Geisha Black Honey
Notes of Apple, Orange, Jasmine, Black Tea, Honey, with a silky mouthfeel!



Discover the worlds best coffees at your doorstep.

  • "The best cup of coffee i've ever made."

  • "Best Coffee Shop in Illinois"

  • "Arguably the most ambitious multi-roaster shop in LA"

  • "Dayglow is my candy store for Nordic-style roasts"

  • “An exceedingly well-curated multiroaster subscription that features international roasters, which can be hard to come by“

  • "Dayglow is 1 of 19 cafes that make L.A a world-class coffee destination"

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