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Coffee Collective

Kieni, Kenya

Kieni, Kenya

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Juicy acidity and intense sweetness. Rich and refreshing with complex aromas of blackcurrant, raspberry, and blackberry.

Produced together with Josphat Muriuki & Charles Murimi

Quality bonus 122%

Varieties SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian

Altitude 1,818 masl

Harvest Calendar October - December 

Process Washed

Region Nyeri, Kenya

Kieni is a cooperative of small farmers who produce coffee in the Nyeri region iin the central highland of Kenya. Grown in the characteristic deep-red soil, juicy coffee cherries are delivered to the Kieni wet mill, where the coffee is processed. 

We have had the pleasure to source this beautiful coffee for the past decade. It is clear how the farmers' great understanding and respect for their craft really shines through. And this year Kieni has, once again, managed to become the highest-paying cooperative in Nyeri county! 

When you as a consumer are critical of where you buy your coffee, you also make a stand to support hard-working, talented coffee farmers. Being able to make that difference is what motivates us to keep improving. The more coffee we can buy from said farmers the bigger a difference we will make! 

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