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Jaime Cardenas, Costa Rica

Jaime Cardenas, Costa Rica

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Origin: Costa Rica

Producer: Jaime Cardenas

Coffee Region: West Valley

Micro Region: Naranjo

Varieties: Villa sarchi

Process: Red Honey

Altitude: 1500 m.a.s.l.

Flavour Profile: Pomegranate, Melon & White tea

Jaime Cardenas first began producing coffee in 2005. He named his coffee farms after his children and this coffee comes from farm Emanuel.  Jaime started with little knowledge of the industry, but soon began producing high grade coffee.

Jaime is meticulous with his coffee production and takes care to maintain high standards within production. At Sin Límites micro-mill he dries his coffee on concrete beds that are sheltered to protect from rain. During the drying process he turns the coffee and sorts by hand to remove defect beans.

This particular coffee was processed using the Red Honey method which incorporates elements of both natural processed and washed coffees. Some of the best Red Honey coffees can have a quality round sweetness whilst retaining some delicate acidity similar to a washed coffee, and this coffee is no exception. 

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