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Honduras Finca Genesis Parainema Fully Washed

Honduras Finca Genesis Parainema Fully Washed

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【Cupping Comment】

① A refreshing acidity of lime and apricot.

② Flavors of cherry and herbs.

③ The aftertaste of sweetness from candy, reminiscent of the feeling after finishing a cider.


【Location】 Las Flores, Santa Barbara

【Farm】 Finca Genesis


【Varieties】 Parainema

【Processing】 Fully Washed

Roast Level】   1 Light roast

Flavor】 lime, apricot, cherry, herb, cider, candy

Producer | Belarmino Contreras Since he was a child, Belarmino worked frequently at his father's coffee farm, washing and drying coffee. At the age of 20, he was entrusted with some of his father's farms, and by 30, he owned his first farm. Seven years ago, Belarmino purchased land in Las Flores, Santa Barbara, sensing its potential. With help from my brother Juan, who sold specialty coffee, Belarmino started producing micro-lot specialty coffee despite struggling with high labor and agricultural material costs. He is eager to plant new, quality varieties such as Geisha and SL28.

Variety | Parainema Parainema is a hybrid coffee variety originated in Honduras, resistant to coffee leaf rust and some nematodes. It is suitable for cultivation at medium elevations and is characterized by its high coffee yield. The Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE) selectively bred two members of the Sarchimor variety to create Parainema. The main goal was to enhance resistance to coffee leaf rust while maintaining quality.

Processing Method | Fully Washed Only fully ripe cherries are carefully picked, pulped, and then the parchment is placed in fermentation tanks for 15 hours of dry fermentation. Afterwards, the parchment is washed four times with large amounts of water. While drying on African beds, the parchment is hand-sorted to remove any defective beans.

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