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Coffee Collective

Enciso, Colombia

Enciso, Colombia

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Balanced, sweet, and full-bodied with a finely attuned acidity, complex aroma of cocoa, honey, and apricot. 

Produced together with Enciso family. 

Quality bonus 68%

Varieties Cattura, Colombia 

Altitude 1,700 masl

Harvest Calendar April - June 

Process washed

Region Tolima, Colombia 


In mountainous terrain, nature resembles a cultivated and fertile rainforest. An abundance of plants and trees cover the steep and hilly grounds. 

Edith Enciso, Wilson Rodriguez, and their son Wilson Eduardo all share a passion for the craftsmanship of growing high-quality coffee. Each of them run their own field on their 14-hectare land. They mainly grow Colombia and Caturra, which combined makes for a sweet, aromatic coffee.

The coffee is hand-picked, and all the cherries are gathered in the centre of their land where they are processed. This is a fully washed coffee, dried on a parabolic beds; a raised table covered to protect the beans from any rain and direct exposure to the sun. This method effectively dried the coffee consistently for up to 30 days leaving us with a clean and delicate cup.  

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