Five Elephant

Five Elephant is a specialty coffee roastery, bakery and cafe in Berlin, Germany. Passionate about quality, our goal is to source the best coffees in the world in a way that is mindful of our environmental impact and thoughtful of the social impact of the communities who produce our coffees.

We strive to involve our customers in a conversation about coffee and are committed to sourcing the green beans that we roast in the most direct way possible.

Transparency is at the core of our values and we think there should be a clear understanding of the journey that coffee takes from the farm to your cup. Through this openness, we hope to create sustainable partnerships with farms from year to year.

We don’t just visit our partners at origin but work to understand their processes, from cultivation to preparation. We are committed to innovation and will never stop working to improve the coffee that we source and roast, including our relationship with the farmers who grow the coffee.

Our belief is that by opening up this coffee conversation, we can share some great coffee in a way we can be proud of.


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