Talor and Jørgen met in 2015 at the launch of Jørgens largest project; Steam Kaffebar in Østbanehallen. They immediately knew that they shared the same principles: working hard, being honest, practicing kindness and creating supremely high quality produce.

Originally thrown together for a separate project, the initial collaboration blossomed into an amazing partnership and the concept for a specialty coffee roastery without the attitude was born.

Talor Browne is a coffee roaster, barista, pastry chef, writer and Q grader with over 15 years experience in the specialty coffee industry. Born in a rural Victorian town in Australia, she spent her formative years in the burgeoning coffee scene in Melbourne working for some the most respected specialty businesses in the country: from St.Ali to Brother Baba Budan, Seven Seeds and Market Lane. She was then headhunted to expand Coutume in Paris and following a brief stint in France, shifted to Oslo at the behest of Tim Wendelboe.

Whilst in Oslo, she has been a formative member of the specialty industry. Rising to the position of head roaster whilst at Tim Wendelboe where she was responsible for the roasting of multiple coffees used by competitors in the World Barista Championship and coffees served at some of the world’s best restaurants: Noma and Maaemo.

She completed her Q in 2013 and has judged multiple coffee competitions such as the Norwegian Roaster Competition as head judge and the Norwegian Aeropress Championship.
Talor is also an accomplished public speaker having taken the stage in Belgium with Tamper Tantrum (Coffee, I love you but you’re bringing me down), Re:Co Dublin (Twice as good for half as much), Women Barista Connect, The International Coffee Organisation in London and the inaugural Roasters Guild of Europe camp in Estonia.

She brings multiple continents worth of experience and wants to revolutionise the way that people drink coffee at home. With Talor&Jørgen she wants to take care of the quality and help you find the coffee that you love the most, then make it easy for you to get it.

Jørgen Hansrud has trained over 300 baristas in his 10 year career in the coffee industry. He is, but not limited to: a barista, pianist, singer and a choir conductor. Whilst serving as brand manager for Steam Kaffebar he facilitated the opening of 4 distinct locations in the last 5 years.

Before coffee, Jørgen graduated with a degree in musicology from the University of Oslo. From an early age music was his driving passion and he began by playing in bands, performing and arranging concerts regularly.

At 19 his focus shifted from performing himself to instructing and conducting choirs and ensembles. This is when he discovered his love of helping others to find and express themselves through music. He also worked as a vocal coach in Oppegård, near Oslo, for several years.

What began as a part time job whilst attending university soon became an all consuming obsession. He found that teaching baristas can be just as powerful a tool as music to influence and build human interaction. It was the combination of the technical skill, complicated machinery and the empathy required to give customers meaningful experiences that kept him coming back to coffee.

Jørgen brings a broad set of skills from over 10 years of trial, error and execution across a wide variety of projects. Within Talor&Jørgen he wants to make speciality coffee an exciting, fun and inclusive experience. He wants to challenge the way we approach communication of produce, the end goal being for you to know and feel like you are a part of something great when you have your coffee.