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Ywangan, Myanmar

Ywangan, Myanmar

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Communities of farmers working collectively in the mountains of Shan State: Nectarine acidity and milk chocolate sweetness.

We taste nectarine acidity & milk chocolate.

Shan State mountains

Shan State is a mountainous region in east Myanmar, neighbouring Yunnan in China to the north.

The area is a relatively new coffee growing region and has faced some challenges with climate change, causing large hail stones to effect the productivity of the harvest.

Communities within the mountainous regions have been working together to strengthen farmer organisations to help overcome challenges faced.

We have enjoyed this coffees nectarine acidity and milk chocolate sweetness.

The Producer

Mandalay Coffee Group have been working with farmers in Shan State who have a range of experience, all working towards creating high quality, speciality coffee.

MCG source fresh cherries from these same communities to produce washed and natural coffee at their facility.

Cherries are brought in from Ywangan smallholder farmers to centralised wet and dry mills. Floaters are removed before beans are handpicked and moved to raised beds for drying. The coffee is raked hourly during the day, and covered at night to avoid moisture.

  • Production Data

    Produced by Ywangan farmers
    Region - Shan State
    Grown at 1200 - 1500 masl
    Varietal - Mixed
    Harvest - April 2023
    Process - Natural

    • Natural

      Ripe cherries are dried whole commonly on patio’s, drying beds or even the bare earth allowing the bean to ferment naturally encased by its fruit.

      The cherries are turned regularly to reduce the risk of defects and ensure even drying.

      Once the cherries resemble raisins and the target parameters are met the coffee is hulled and sorted in the dry mill.

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