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wilfredo ruiz - colombia tabi & pb

wilfredo ruiz - colombia tabi & pb

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Process: Washed
Impressions: Pink Grapefruit, Butterscotch, Nectarine
Producer: Wilfredo Ruiz
Variety: Tabi & Pink Bourbon
Origin: San Agustin, Huila
Altitude: 2010 MASL
Harvest: Summer 2023
Roast Level: Medium-Light

This coffee's story is so special and unique. It's bright and citric like a Pink Grapefruit with a delicious butterscotch and cola sweetness. It comes from the infamous San Agustin from Wilfredo Ruiz and his family.

Wilfredo has spent his entire life in coffee production. This Tabi lot comes from the single hectare that Wilfredo manages. Due to the very low temperatures at this altitude and high winds, production is very low. Now, he’s focused on continuing to improve in the face of a very punishing climate.

This is a coffee that was sourced in partnership with Monkabba and Semilla. Supporting smallholders like Wilfredo is a core value of ours. It's extra easy when the coffee tastes this good. 

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