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Victoria Mukamurenzi, Rwanda

Victoria Mukamurenzi, Rwanda

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Roast Date: March 12, 2024


Honey sweetness with orange, black tea and an almond finish.

Origin: Northern Province, Rwanda
Variety: red bourbon
Process: washed
Producer: Victoria Mukamurenzi
Relationship length: since 2023

Some of the most inspiring and brilliant people we’ve met are the women we’re connected to through coffee in Rwanda. We deeply admire and continuously learn from their hard work and determination, and commitment to quality and community.

Victoria Mukamurenzi is one such woman. She grew up in a farming family and later joined forces with her husband to grow coffee. Their lives were transformed when they joined the Dukunde Kawa cooperative in 2002; they began to earn sustainable prices, and received agricultural and financial training. Victoria is also an integral member of the co-op’s Rambagirakawa Women’s Group, a collective of women coffee farmers who share crucial resources and support.

It’s extremely rare to be able to trace a Rwandan coffee to a single producer. We’re absolutely thrilled to have this delicious coffee from Victoria on offer this season. In the cup, you’ll find a honey sweetness with notes of orange and black tea and an almond finish.

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