Tropical Fruit, Brazil

Tropical Fruit, Brazil

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T he jammy sweetness of the papaya combined with the electric acidity of the passion fruit give us this coffee with very bold tropical notes. A very balanced and clean body with a smooth and sweet aftertaste of caramel and cookies.

VARIETY: Catucai 2SL
ALTITUDE: 960-1040 masl
PROCESS: Experimental
HARVEST: September 21
TASTING NOTES: Caramel, Papaya, Passion fruit


After the collection of coffee cherries, which in Brazil is done in a mechanical way. The cherries are washed with clean water and at the same time, a selection is made by floats where unripe cherries are separated from the ripe ones. The ripe cherries are left to macerate for 36 hours before receiving what Rafael Vinhal calls “Thermal Shock” (a secret process on the farm). They are then left to macerate for another 144 hours and receive another “Thermal Shock”. The cherries are then pulped and go through a 122-hour fermentation submerged in water. Finally, the coffee is centrifuged to remove all the water and dried on raised beds for 19 days until the desired percentage of moisture is reached.

Roast Date: 4/12