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Toffee & Nutmeg, Colombia

Toffee & Nutmeg, Colombia

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A delightful, washed blend of Colombia, Castillo and Caturra from Colombia.

Our 10th year in a row roasting this beauty from Madremonte. One of our favourites year after year. Sometimes its nice to have a break from the African acid bombs.

It is sweet and easy drinking. Just the kind of coffee you can enjoy alongside others at the Christmas table.

Madremonte is a name inspired by the women who contribute to this coffee, plus a little bit of Colombian mythology. This is a coffee from female producers who are paid a premium for delivering quality coffees for a program run by Coocentral.

According to Colombian mythology, Madremonte (Mother of the Forest) is the protector of nature and the forest animals, and unforgiving when humans enter their domains to alter or destroy them. She can be identified with Mother Nature and Mistress of the Animals.

Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farmer: Various women farmers
Process: Washed
Variety: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra
Altitude: 1800-2000 masl
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