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Strawberry & Champagne, Konga, Ethiopia

Strawberry & Champagne, Konga, Ethiopia

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Strawberry was the first description that came to mind, even before we could taste the coffee, or even roast it. It was the first thing we smelled when we opened the bag to do a test roast and it has a strong presence when brewed. The coffee is jammy and rich, with a lively citrus character pairing beautifully with the sweetness, like a sip of Champagne after eating a strawberry.

This coffee is from Nordic Approach's colour concept, where they categorise coffees within a region in Ethiopia based on shared flavour. This coffee falls into the category called Burtukaana, which is the word for orange in the Oromiffa language. Burtukaana is characterised by its richness, fermented fruit notes, strawberry-like aroma and citrus brightness.

Country Ethiopia
Name Burtukaana
Town and District Wote, Konga
Region Yirgachefe
Varieties Wolisho, Kurume, 74110 & 74112
Lot number #2
Processing method Dry processing (natural). Coffee cherries are spread thinly on raised beds and carefully moved to keep the fruit layer intact. At 25% moisture (also called raisin stage) the cherries are moved more frequently in controlled sequences to ensure flavour clarity.
Altitude 2000 meters above sea level
Roast level Light
Crop year 2022

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