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Small Producer Java Blend, Colombia

Small Producer Java Blend, Colombia

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RD: June 26, 2024

Sponge Toffee

ORIGIN: Huila, Colombia

This coffee is a blend of washed javas from six different producers in the South of Huila. These producers each have farms that average in size between 1.4 - 4 hectares, sitting around 1,700MASL.

Originally from Ethiopia, the java variety was first grown on the Java Island in Indonesia and since has been transplanted all over the world in many coffee growing regions. The terroir in Huila is famous for producing some of the worlds most beloved flavour profiles, this terroir combined with the stunning java variety brings us a lovely cup displaying delicious sugar and fruit notes. This blend has been processed traditionally washed, with 36-48 hours of fermentation in tank before being sun dried for 8-16 days.

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