Los Rodriguez,Bolivia

Los Rodriguez,Bolivia

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Origin: Caranavi, Bolivia
Varieties: caturra
Process: honey
Producer: Rodríguez family
Relationship length: since 2011

This coffee tastes richly textured with chocolate and apricot.

Pedro Rodríguez is well-known and highly respected for his years of hard work spent bolstering the Bolivian specialty coffee industry. Pedro and his children, Daniela and Pedro Pablo, recognise both the enormous potential of Bolivian coffee and the obstacles the country’s small producers face in choosing to grow coffee for a living. Through their family business, Agricafe, the trio work hard to train, educate and support Bolivian coffee producers.

The family runs 12 farms of their own to augment the amount of quality coffee coming out of the small country, and to model best agricultural practices for other farmers. This caturra-variety lot is made up of beans from eight of the family’s farms. At harvest time, the coffee cherries were picked by specially trained pickers who select only the ripest cherries. The cherries were then sorted and processed using the honey method – they were depulped and fermented overnight before being dried on raised beds. The result of all this careful work and dedication is a beautifully textured coffee with great balance.

Siblings Daniela and Pedro Pablo work closely with their dad to educate and support Bolivian producers.