Santa Irene, Guatemala

Santa Irene, Guatemala

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Jasmine, Strawberry, Lemon Sorbet

Processing: Natural

Introducing another World Class Geisha out of Guatemala – Santa Irena!

This Geisha is grown on a protected natural forest reserve extending 129 hectares in the Coban region. It is owned by Dr. Jacinto Estrada Zanabria and the farm is worked by his son, Carlos Estrada. Carlos is extremely passionate about specialty coffee and loves experimenting with various processing methods – he even invested in a glass greenhouse to improve drying methods. He expresses his strive for quality through his coffee and challenges norms to improve the quality of his offerings.

This particular Geisha is processed as a natural. Before picking, the Brix levels are measured to determine what cherries will be picked. The coffee is then, weighed, sorted, and transferred to the mill. At the wet mill, the coffee is placed into floatation tanks to remove the floaters, then moved over to concrete fermentation tanks. The coffee is then dried until the ideal moisture level is reached.

The results are fantastic! Expect a beautiful Geisha with notes of strawberry, lemon sorbet, and jasmine!

  • country
  • guatemala
  • farm
  • saint irene
  • producer
  • carlos estrada
  • region
  • cobán
  • altitude
  • 1740masl
  • variety
  • geisha
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