El Pino, Colombia

El Pino, Colombia

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We are honored to roast the 1st place lot from the 2021 Acevedo Cup! Maria is a force of a coffee producer and we can't overstate how talented she is and how delicious this lot is. This is a sophisticated and elegant selection, filled with deep black currant, singing guava-like acidity, delicate florals, and a very long finish. 


Variety Colombia


La Marimba, Acevedo, Huila


1,750 masl


Main; January, 2021


Hand picked at peak ripeness. Floated to further remove defects and depulped on the day of harvest. Fermented in cherry for 12 hours, pulped, and dry fermented for an additional 36 hours. Dried on raised beds until moisture content reaches 10-11%.