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Raspberry Glaze - Colombia

Raspberry Glaze - Colombia

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 A wonderful Colombian honey from Tolima that makes a perfect sweet and fruity cup! This honey typica & red bourbon from Finca El Jardin is juicy with tasting notes of white mulberry, green grapes, and raspberry. 

Jorge has even developed his own fermentation and drying process. It all begins with a rigorous selection of coffee cherries during the harvest. They handpick only perfectly ripe cherries. After that, Jorge and his family transfer the cherries to sealed tanks, where they remain for 72 hours. After depulping, they go under a second fermentation for another 38 hours in the same tanks. Then, the coffee is washed to remove mucilage. Next, the coffee undergoes a precise drying process. Initially, it is mechanically dried at a constant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius for 28 hours. Afterwards, Jorge places the coffee in fique bags and keeps it in a dark place with an average ambient temperature of 20 to 24 degrees for 24 hours. He then dries it again for 48 hours in a greenhouse, where the temperature ranges from 30 to 34 degrees. After a 24-hour resting in fique sacks, the coffee is mechanically dried for a final time at 38 degrees for 48 hours. Finally, the coffee is cooled, stabilized, and packed in bags.

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