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Dayglow Coffee



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Notes: Guava, Hibiscus, Key Lime Pie

Origin: Colombia

Farm: FInca El Paraíso

Producer: Diego Bermudez

Region: Cauca

Varietal: Maragogype

Process: Koji Amakaze 

Harvest: 2024



We’re excited to release another special coffee by our friend Diego Bermudez in Finca El Paraíso. We had the privilege to cup this coffee alongside several outstanding offerings during Diego’s visit in Chicago. We were especially taken back by how candy like this particular coffee was. It had a sugary sweetness reminiscent of pixi stix and a tangy spice finish similar to key lime pie.  

About the Process

Maragogype is one of the most bigger seed in coffee varieties, is a mutation of Typica trees, commonly this varieties have flat flavors because that big seed requires more big amounts of fertilizer, therefore, if there is not enough nutrients, the tree will not be able to feed the seeds, resulting in the absence of many aromatic precursors, which translates into a cup of lower quality. This Maragogype is different because it has good nutrition that allows it to develop its entire profile, which is enhanced through processing with fungi such as Aspergillus Orizae.
The process of this profile consists in first let growth the koji fungus on dried coffee pulp and coffee husk, and then the koji growths for 4 days at 35°c, after the koji achieve good growth rate and enzymes production, we put the koji on coffee cherries, then we make the fungus growth on coffee cherries for other 4 days, in aerobic conditions, after that we make a wet technique fermentation known as Amazake method, this technique consist in make a wine with coffee pulp trying bring malic precursors from coffee pulp and then this aromatics compounds include the alcohol, fix into the coffee seed to increase the flavors and balancing the fermented flavor. Then the drying is carried on in a dehumidifier to remove humidity, preserving the soft notes of the coffee and avoiding the over-oxidation of the coffee seed and stopping the metabolic processes to avoid overfermentation.

All Dayglow coffee orders placed by Monday will ship Thursday to ensure a fresh batch!! If there are other coffees in your order, the other items in your order will ship at the same time! 

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