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Perla - Colombia

Perla - Colombia

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A beautiful Sudan Rume from Qima Coffee from the Perla del Otún lot. This coffee reflects all the typical characteristics of this varietal with tasting notes of sweet lime, thyme, rosemary and meringue.



Sweet Lime
Risaralda is blessed with remarkable natural beauty and diverse ecosystems. Home to stunning cloud forests, lush mountains, and picturesque landscapes, it encompasses several protected areas. This includes national parks like Los Nevados National Natural Park, where visitors can explore unique flora and fauna, hike to snow-capped peaks, and witness breathtaking waterfalls. This rich biodiversity renders the region a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and a thriving hub for ecotourism. Once the coffee cherries reach the processing centres, they are immersed in water to remove imperfections and prepared for the lengthy slow-drying fermentation process. After undergoing fermentation for 72 hours in special tanks, they’re gently transferred to drying beds, where they are left for a few weeks to develop rich and complex flavours. This slow and natural drying is the key to revealing the full potential of our coffee.
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