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Pear Fizz, Colombia

Pear Fizz, Colombia

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Pear Fizz - a yellow bourbon black honey (with hops & malts added into the fermenting process) creating a beautiful and fizzy coffee. Tasting notes of fizzy pear, lemon blossom, star anise & grapefruit.


Lemon Blossom
Star Anise
Black Honey , Yellow Bourbon
Altitude of 1900m
Edwin Noreña has developed a different processing technique for each of the special coffees grown at the Finca Campo Hermoso farm, and they are all definitely noteworthy. All profiles we are importing this season, follow the same process and include 2 fermentations. For this coffee, cherry is picked by hand and selected at maximum ripeness. After it’s floated for density, the remaining cherry is placed in sealed drums for a 120-hour anaerobic fermentation phase. After this stage, the coffee is dry pulped (removing outer skin, allowing mucilage to remain) and injected with a mixture of hops and malt before it’s placed back in the drums for another 96 hours of anaerobic fermentation. In its final stage, the coffee is slow dried on raised, shaded beds for a period of 20-25 days until it reaches the desired moisture percentage.
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