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Peach Candy & Lavender, Ethiopia

Peach Candy & Lavender, Ethiopia

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Flavour profile: Magarrisa

Town: Worka Chelbessa
Station name: Chelbesa

We have visited the washing station and surrounding farmers. The farmers here allow the cherry to ripen well before they harvest, they know that this allows for more sweetness. They also believe that their god will let them know the exact right time to begin picking. The farmers here can walk for up to two hours to deliver their cherries to the washing station. In total 170 farmers deliver to this site, Girum Assefa pays careful attention to managing the site and the processing of these coffees.

This is a great example of a Grade 2 out cupping many Grade 1s -- it is excellent quality for the price. We have also made sure the export prep is better than the general standard for a Grade 2. The name Magarissa refers to a profile and quality that Nordic is actively seeking when buying Grade 2s.

What we noticed when we cupped this coffee is the beautiful orange-like citric flavours that arouse our palates. We also found tropical fruits and peach bitters, which make us automatically think of an orange Pantone whenever we taste it! 

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