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Ngaratua AB from Embu, Kenya

Ngaratua AB from Embu, Kenya

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Producer: Peterson & Purity Muthathai
Origin: Embu County, Kenya
Variety: SL-28
Processing: Double Washed
Harvest: January 2022
Tasting notes: blackberry, balsamic, rooibos

This SL-28 cultivar is produced by Peterson & Purity Muthathai at their farm Ngaratua in Embu, Kenya. With resinous and deep notes of blackberry, bay laurel, balsamic syrup & rooibos, this AB screen size lot goes through a meticulous washing process. Dry fermented for 20hrs to break down the mucilage before a quick rinse & a second 20hr soak. The seeds travel through washing channels for a sort, & a final 10hr soak, before being spread on drying tables.

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