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La Cabra

Miramar, El Salvador

Miramar, El Salvador

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A rich and dark fruit dominated cup from the San Salvador Volcano, produced by the Alfaro family

The Miramar farm is the most recent project by the Alfaro family, some of the pioneers of coffee in El Salvador. In the late 1800’s, Antonio Jose Alfaro purchased lands from small farmers who were leaving the region, those who had been unsuccessful with coffee. He believed that these lands could be successfully cultivated, and set about creating a detailed and methodic approach that runs in the family to this day. Over 100 years later, Antonio’s great grandson Fernando continues in the family footsteps with his farms, spanning several of El Salvador’s growing regions.

Miramar is Fernandos newest project, inherited from his wife’s family in 2020.

he small Miramar plot was inherited from Fernando’s wife’s side of the family, who are also long time coffee producers. The farm had been abandoned for many years, meaning that the coffee plantations were in bad condition, but the soils were full of organic material. Fernando saw the opportunity here, with fertile soils, high altitude and excellent native shade, to create excellent quality. He set about replanting the farm with high quality varietals, and has dubbed Miramar his ‘Cup of Excellence’ farm. He hopes to compete for top awards in the coming years, but for now, most of the trees are very young, and yielding very small harvests. Even still, several lots from Miramar advanced to the national stages of the Cup of Excellence in 2022.

This lot of Bourbon was processed using a honey method, with a great deal of sticky fruit mucilage left on during the drying. This wealth of sugary fuel for fermentation means a deep and complex cup, with rich notes of stewed plum, raisins and chocolate liqueur.

  • Producer

     Fernando Alfaro
  • Region

  • Altitude

     1600 masl
  • Varietal

  • Process

  • Harvest

     March 2022
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