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Merci Fernandez ~ Bourbon from Jaén, Peru

Merci Fernandez ~ Bourbon from Jaén, Peru

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Producer: Merci Fernandez
Farm: La Pomarrosa
Where: Colasay, Jaén, Peru
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: Washed Process (24hr. submerged)
Harvest: September 2023
Importer: Apex
Tasting notes: nougat, warm spices, buttery

This classic example of red Bourbon was picked and processed by Merci Fernandez on her farm, La Pomarrosa, in Colasay, Jaén, Peru. Fermented as a traditional washed process, submerged underwater for 24hrs. before being washed and dried. Roasted for filter. Buttery & comforting.

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