Mendoza, Peru

Mendoza, Peru

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Produced by Elmer Tineo Mendoza

Region - El Diamante, Jaen

Harvest - Oct 2020

Process - Natural

Variety - Catuai & Castillo

Grown at 1600 - 1900 masl

Elmer Tineo Mendoza is a first generation coffee farmer and is the owner of around 10 hectares of land. Although he owns the farm, it is separated out into thirds which he has given to three of his children. Elmer's son, Elvis, manages the process and drying of the coffee and Elmer carries out most of the picking, coordinating temporary staff and general farm work and crop management. This year Elmer and Elvis have started to process natural coffee, based on the fact that they have some land at medium (1600masl) altitude and this required extra processing to reach higher cup scores. Elmer and Elvis were able to build a new parabolic dryer, which has greatly improved the quality of their lots and the production capacity of naturals.

This is a truly outstanding natural Peruvian we're excited to share.

Tasting of strawberry jam & dark chocolate.