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MAMY DIOUBATÉ Guinea Canephora

MAMY DIOUBATÉ Guinea Canephora

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June 11, 2024

Oleo Saccharum 

With a modern cup profile and an unconditional commitment to the environment – no chemicals, irrigation only with rainwater, exclusively agroforestry cultivation – Mamy Dioubaté demonstrates that the long-stigmatized Canephora variety deserves a prominent place on the specialty coffee shelf. In terms of flavor, the association of Oleo Saccharum hits the mark: we enjoy the natural sweetness with a pleasant citrus-like acidity.

Country Guinea
Region Nzerekore
Farm Macenta
Producer Mamy Dioubaté
Altitude 600–1100m
Type Canephora
Variety Robusta
Processing honey
Special Hand-Pulped
Harvest time 2023
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