Los Andes, Honduras

Los Andes, Honduras

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Los Andes


This is our second year working with this 100% Pacas lot from Crecencio Izaguirre. In the cup, we find oolong, candied ginger, and mango.

Crecencio Izaguirre is a second-generation coffee producer from the region of Santa Bárbara. We've purchased his coffee three years in a row and his coffee continues to impress. Crecencio has 4.5 hectares (11.1 acres) of land, 2.5 of which are planted with coffee. This is a 100% Pacas separation. He is also growing a very small amount of Bourbon, however, the yields of that variety are not yet large enough to export. He is also constructing a new wet mill for himself, his two brothers, and mother—all of whom are coffee producers. Crecencio’s farm has excellent clay loamy soil with good depth and drainage, and a relatively cold microclimate.

Pacas is a natural mutation of Bourbon from the Bourbon/Typica group mainly found in El Salvador and Honduras. Similar to other Bourbon mutants, Pacas has a single-gene mutation that causes the plant to grow smaller (dwarfism). Unlike the hybrid varieties, Pacas is very susceptible to disease, making it riskier to grow.