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Little Wolf- Lugmapata Natural

Little Wolf- Lugmapata Natural

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FInca Lugmapata
Varietal - Sachimore
Altitude - 2,000m
Process - Natural 
Notes - Strawberry, Orange wine, Candy

Finca Lugmapata is a family-run operation located in Pallatanga, Chimborazo, Ecuador. Situated between 1,650 and 2,000 m.a.s.l., they grow several different varieties, including: Bourbon Sidra, Typica Mejorado, Pache and Sarchimore. In 2012, the first 20,000 trees were planted and by 2019, they expect to have 25 Ha of coffee planted in total (well over 100,000 trees).

In their first year of production, 2016, they achieved 3rd place in the Taza Dorada and in their second year of production, 2017, they achieved first place! Due to their meticulous operation, including selecting only the ripest cherries above a brix level of 22, various fermentation experiements, taking great care in the washing and drying and proper storage of the coffee post-drying, these achievements are no surprise.

In addition, the social component of this farm is really what makes them stand out. In order to help improve the lives of those living in and around Pallatanga, they prepared in their nursery 120,000 new trees (80% Bourbon Sidra and 20% Typica Mejorado). Half were destined for soon-to-be coffee growers in the area, in order to teach them how to produce high quality coffees, create sustainable businesses and improve their livelihoods.