Las Cruces, Honey Anaerobic,El Salvador

Las Cruces, Honey Anaerobic,El Salvador

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Banana, Mulled Wine, Nougat
ORIGIN El Salvador
OWNER Salaverria
PROCESS Anaerobic Honey
ALTITUDE 1400 - 1750 masl


We are delighted to be working with the Salaverria family who are now in their 6th generation of coffee farming.  Jose works with his sons Andres and Jose the younger and now trade under the name of Jasal group.

Their base is Las Cruces which is where they mill, process and export all their coffees.  They have been growing and producing coffee on quite a large scale for many years but their success has been down to their passion for quality and for adapting to changes in the market and this coffee perfectly displays this.

The anaerobic process starts immediately after the cherries are picked. When they arrive at the station they are dry fermented as whole cherries in barrels without water for 72hrs. The skin is removed and the beans with mucilage still attached are moved to elevated drying beds. The beans won’t be turned for the first few days, to allow them to develop rich flavours. After few days they are turned daily.

We find the honey processed lot to be a touch cleaner than the natural with more complexity.