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Lady in Red, Colombia

Lady in Red, Colombia

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This award-winning pacamara from Jhonatan Gasca is not to be missed. Grown and processed in Colombia from Finza Zarza bursts with notes of sweet cherries, strawberry lollipop and citrus.

Sweet Cherries
Strawberry Lollipop

Natural, Pacamara
Altitude of 1750m
This beautiful Pacamara from Zarza undergoes a few steps before being shipped to Europe. The first step is manual collection of mature cherries on Zarza's farm. The cherries are then put into plastic bags in an anaerobic environment for 3 to 4 days for cherry oxidation. The cherries are fermented for another 100 hours. The cherries are washed with hot water to remove the mucilage. The cherries are then dried in the sun for 4 days (they remove the cherries 3 to 4 times per day when there is not a lot of sun) and then they are put in mechanical driers in silo to finish the drying.
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