La Palma Y El Tucan, Colombia (Geisha Anaerobic)

La Palma Y El Tucan, Colombia (Geisha Anaerobic)

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  • HARVEST: 2019
  • PRODUCER: Felipe Sardi
  • REGION: Cundinamarca
  • ORIGIN: Colombia
  • ALTITUDE: 1,740m
  • VARIETIES: Geisha 
  • PROCESS: Anaerobic Natural
  • FLAVOURS: Blood orange, pineapple, white tea, cacao

In early 2020 Cupping Room were so fortunate to be able to visit the progressive coffee growing estate La Palma y El Tucán, located in Zipacón in Cundinamarca, and we are excited to offer our first nano-lots of coffees from Felipe and Elisa. 

Felipe and Elisa started La Palma y El Tucán with the vision to produce small, perfect quantities of some of the world’s favourite coffee varieties. The farm has a unique layout with each variety planted in an artful way that encourages exceptional production and is also beautiful.

The coffee is picked as it ripens by a team of women whose job is to make pass after pass, day after day, to choose only the best cherries. La Palma’s small wet mill is designed to showcase how fermentation can encourage coffees to show flavours you could only dream. Their dedication to quality is rivalled only by their desire to change the future of production in Colombia - to create new ways for producers to approach farming, processing, marketing. This, in turn, could create incredible change for generational coffee producers in Colombia and many more to come.

This selection is a nano-lot (a single day's cherries) from their ‘Estate & Varietals’ program.  This particular nano-lot of geisha variety coffee cherries spent 170 hours in anaerobic fermentation, followed by 16 days of drying on raised beds.  The results in the cup are spectacular.  

After processing and tasting, this lot was designated a part of their "HEROES SERIES" coffees, for its outstanding cup quality.  We found a complex cup full of clean, floral flavours.  The citrus sweetness of oranges and blood oranges and juicy tropical flavours of pineapple are beautifully integrated with a light body and fresh white tea finish.