La Esperanza, Colombia

La Esperanza, Colombia

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Having only 350 trees, this is one of the smallest gardens we buy coffee from. The attention to detail and dedication to quality Esnaider has for this lot is truly unique and special. In the cup we find a jam-like berry sweetness, a fresh lemon zest acidity, and a soft delicate florality. 

Roasted 1/24



San Agustin, Huila


1,750 masl


August 2021


Hand picked at peak ripeness. Floated to further remove defects, and hand sorted to further remove immature cherries. Placed on raised beds in full cherry to drain excess water. Depulped the following morning and dry fermented for 22 hours in oak tanks. Rinsed four times, then left in plastic bags to drain for eight hours. Shade dried for 15 days, then moved to more direct sun for an additional 5 days.