La Corriona, El Salvador

La Corriona, El Salvador

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By Gerardo Caceres

Region - Apaneca Ilamatepec

Variety - Pacamara

Process - Natural

Harvest - March 2020

Grown at 1550 masl

La Corriona is a plot inside Finca Colombia from the Caceres family. The farm was founded in 1916 by María Magaña Menéndez de Llanos and her husband Dr. Francisco Antonio Llanos. Dr. Llanos migrated to El Salvador a few years before and his passion and nostalgia for coffee growing in his native country was the engine to found the farm. This farm always had a difficult access, however, Francisco and Maria continued working and cultivating their farm until the end of their days. Inherited by their only daughter Otilia Llanos de Barrios, she continued her parents legacy and taught the love for coffee to her daughter Evelyn Barrios. In 2016, Evelyn Barrios together with her children made the decision to sell the farm, a decision they had to make due to the crisis in the territory.

The farm was always considered the Jewel of the Crown of the family farms. It was the desire that it continued to belong to the family which led our sourcing partner to acquire it on the 100th anniversary. Nowadays they are working with the fourth and fifth generation of coffee producers to care for, preserve and enrich a passion for coffee. It is worth mentioning that the problems of insecurity in the area persist, however the farmers are of the opinion that they must do their best to solve the problems of the area. Our sourcing partners work hand in hand with the farmers and the community that surrounds it, providing private doctors and medicine for free, paying wages higher than stipulated by law and betting on the education of children in the area. The farmers bet strongly on the renewal of coffee plantations, for the inclusion of new varieties that provide them with quality in the cup, for the innovation in processing that can give them consistency in quality and great traceability.

The farm has been awarded by the Cup of Excellence program in 2018 and 2019. This specific lot was processed naturally for 19 days before cherries were floated and moved to raised beds for drying.

Tasting of mango, rum and lime.