Kiriani AA, Kenya

Kiriani AA, Kenya

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This selection is unique in that it comes from Murang'a County––an area primarily known for high altitudes and the cultivation of tea. This is the first time we've purchased coffee from this region, and it shows incredible promise. In the cup we find red raspberry, a hibiscus florality, lemon candy, and a deep sweetness.



SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11


Murang'a County


1,830 masl


December, 2021


Hand sorted for peak ripeness before processing. Depulped using a disc pulping machine. Graded into densities. Only grades 1 and 2 are separated for fermentation. Washed and density graded again in washing channels. Soaked in clean water for 16-18 hours and dried on raised beds.