Kigwandi, Kenya

Kigwandi, Kenya

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Produced by Mutheka Farmers Coop Society

Region - Nyeri County

Grown at 1600 masl

Varietal - SL28 & 34

Harvest - January 2022

Process - Washed

A classy washed lot by the Mutheka co-op reminiscent of dark chocolate and rhubarb.

We were eager to partner with the Mutheka Farmers Cooperative Society after tasting what we believed to be a standout lot from Kenya this year. We were drawn to this coffee's intricate acidity and fruit clarity, completed with a smooth chocolate-like flavour.

Our values are aligned with the Mutheka Farmers; they emphasise quality throughout their entire production process and thus continue to produce exceptional award-winning coffees such as this classy washed lot. We hope you enjoy.