Kiangoi AB, Kenya

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Poached Peach | Butterscotch | Melon

Altitude | 1600-1800 masl

Process | Washed

Variety | SL-34, Batian, SL-28, Ruiru 11


This is our first Kenyan for a while and how we have missed it! No need to add any sugar here, this coffee is almost sticky with fruity sweetness.

The Kiangoi Factory is run by the Rungeto Cooperative Society - an organisation which has brought us some of our favourite Kenyan coffees in the last few years, from the Karimikui and Kii factories.

The 1150 smallholders contributing to this wet mill grow their coffee on the slopes of Mount Kenya. On delivering their produce to the factory, they receive a small advance with the rest to follow on the sale of the coffee after processing.

After hand-sorting and depulping, the cherries have their density measured with the higher grades (Grades 1 and 2) sent to fermentation. After 18-36 hours of hours of fermentation in a shaded concrete tank, they are graded by density once again and soaked overnight. The drying takes place for about 12 to 20 days on African drying beds. These beds are covered by plastic around midday and at night.