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This coffee comes to us from the Kaagari North Farmer’s Co-op in Kenya, and was processed at the Kathande Factory. The Kathande Factory is situated in Embu on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, the second tallest mountain in Kenya and an extinct volcano. Volcanic soil rich in phosphorus creates truly unique flavors in the coffees grown in the region. In addition to this, the coffees at the Kanthande factory are processed in the style typical to Kenya, a washed method including two or more washes, a post-fermentation soak, and drying on raised parabolic beds. This is some of the most meticulous and advanced processing in the world; coupled with the ideal growing conditions, it’s no surprise that Kenya consistently produces coffees with exceptional complexity, clarity, and cleanliness. Unsurprisingly, we were blown away by the beautiful and distinct flavors in this coffee. The highly sought-after quality of Kenyan coffees was evident at first sip, with candied grapefruit and tamarind qualities close behind. Notes of oolong tea balance it all out, with brown sugar and baking spice sweetness lingering in the finish.