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Katana, Dr. Congo

Katana, Dr. Congo

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Nanjing cherry

As on every packet, we note what the coffee reminds us of with
three subjective flavours. In KATANA’s case, it’s the sweetness
and juiciness of a nectarine. From the scent to rose water to
rosehip, we think we detect a rose. And it reminds Artyom of a
so-called nanjing cherry, a fruit somewhere between a cherry and
a plum, which was abundant in his grandmother’s garden in Kyjiw,
but is still so unknown to us that there is not even a German
entry on Wikipedia. At least not yet.

Country DR Congo
Region North-Kivu, Katana
Cooperative Raek
Altitude 1400–1800m
Type Arabica
Variety Jackson, Arabica JBM
Processing fully washed
SCA Cup Score 86,75

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