Kamwangi AA , Kenya

Kamwangi AA , Kenya

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Flavour description: The cup is acidity driven with a light body and a juicy mouthfeel, reminding of strawberry lemonade. Flavour notes of rhubarb and sweetness of vanilla. A long-lasting vibrant phosphoric acidity of black currant in the aftertaste. 
Colour: Chock pink
Category: Adventurous
Washing station: Kamwangi Factory
Location: Gichugu division of the Kirinyaga district
Varietal: SL-34, SL-28 and Ruiru 11
Harvested: October 2018 to December 2018 
Drying: On raised beds for 12-20 days. Covered with plastic when the sun is hottest.
Cooperative: New Ngariama Cooperative Society
Altitude: 1600-1800 masl
Soil: Mainly Nitisol, red volcanic soil. Nitisols occur in highlands and on volcanic steep slopes. They are developed from volcanic rocks and have better chemical and physical properties than other tropical soils.
Processing: Fully Washed. Cherries are hand-sorted to pick out unripe and overripe ones by the farmers before they go into production. A pulping machine removes the skin and pulp. The coffees are graded by density into 3 grades by the pulper. The coffee is fermented for 24-36 hour under closed shade. After fermentation the coffees are washed and again graded by density in washing channels then they soak overnight in clean water.
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This coffee is a familiar coffee for those of you who have been drinking Drop for years, and it is our favourite Kenyan coffee. Kamwangi is one of two factories run by the New Ngariama Cooperative in Kirinyaga in Central Kenya. The regions’ growing conditions and the many hours of sorting the coffee meticulously is the main reason Kamwangi has great quality and sparkling taste profile. The AA selection is the largest bean size of the harvest and gives the coffee a more pronounced and intensified flavour. 

The Kamwangi factory
We are so in love with Kamwangi and have been a loyal buyer for seven years now. This year we decided on having both the AA and the AB, and have previously also bought the Peaberry, the smallest screen size. 

In Kenya, the process stations, or also called wet mills, are called factories. Kamwangi factory is one of two factories under the cooperative named New Ngariama Cooperative Society located in the region of Kirinyaga in the hills surrounding mount Kenya, with a third factory soon to become operational. This area is less known than its neighbour Nyeri but has surprised us from the beginning with some outstanding and memorable coffees.

The New Ngariama Cooperative Society is mainly made up of small farms, each with around 100 trees. In the Gichugu division of the Kirinyaga district where the surrounding farms to Kamwangi are located, the harvest started in early November. The farmers are organized in Cooperative Societies that act as umbrella organizations for Kamwangi and their other cooperative, where the smallholders deliver their coffee cherries for processing freshly every day after picking in a period of about two months, normally delivering about 25-50 kilo by foot or bike for a few kilometres. When arriving at the factory, each producer will sort their cherries manually to separate defect and lower grade since they are paid more in relation to quality.