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Josefa Perez, Omni, Guatemala

Josefa Perez, Omni, Guatemala

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As a first generation coffee farmer, Josefa Perez is dedicated to her craft. In the morning, herself and her husband work as pickers for other farms before returning to their own in the afternoon to focus on their high quality lots. Her farm is part of a co-operative in Huehuetenango, El Sendero, which has bridged the gap for many farmers to the specialty market; and assists in sustaining her family economically. 

The lot we have from her farm, Q’antxabina (which sits a 1730 masl), is a washed coffee but with a real creamy element. With flavour notes of hazelnut ice cream, green apple, and oolong tea, this is an omni roast that can be played around with to find so many sweet spots. 



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