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Dayglow Coffee



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Green Apple, Cherry, Gula Jawa

VARIETAL : Typica.Lini S288, S795, Cobra  

PROCESS :  Ext. fermentation - Washed   

ALTITUDE :  1100-1500 masl

FARM : Ijen Highlands

REGION :  East Java, Indonesia

HARVEST : 2023



When Zen and Tohm started AWAN, a non dairy frozen dessert made with Indonesian coconut, it was our vision to make a coffee flavor featuring only Indonesian products. Although coffee in Indonesia has less specialty history, recent developments and renewed interest from farmers has resulted in higher scoring coffees. Together with AWAN we brought the first of many Indonesian coffees which we feel highlight the natural terroir with more integrated acidity and sweetness. This coffee will be used to make AWAN’s Dayglow Coffee flavor along with it being sold whole bean.


Ijen, East Java, Indonesia:

It is a mountain located in East Java, around 3.5 hours drive from Bali. It is a somewhat active volcano in East Java province, Indonesia, but it is significantly bigger than Mt. Argopuro, because it is comprised of many smaller mountains surrounding it.
A popular tourist destination is this crater that has the world's biggest acid lake, and it has blue fire (from the burning sulphur that is on it)

The coffee farmers that reside on these two mountains usually also farm & sell tobacco and other commodities when the coffee season is already finished. Their grandparents are usually ethnically originally from Madura Island (a smaller island north of Java island). So most of the time they speak Madurese language, even if the closest big city to these two mountains (Surabaya) speak Javanese.

In terms of climate, the eastern part of East Java province is very dry (tropical savannah), that is why we a national park that has a savannah in it.

Cherry Pickers Pick the Cherries - QC & Received at Botolinggo Wet Mill - Cherry Washing & Density Sorting - Cherry Color Sorting - Anaerobic Tank Fermentation for 6 days - Depulper - Tank Fermentation for 24h - Demucilager - Drying for 5-7 days - Packed - Shipped to Driyorejo Dry Mill - Hulling - Pneumatic/Catador Sorting - Screen Size Sorting - Density Sorting (Gravity Table) - Color Sorting - QC - Packed - Export

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