Raimiutin, Timor Leste (Washed)

Raimiutin, Timor Leste (Washed)

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Produced by the Raimiutin Village Farmers

Region - Ermera

Harvest - Oct 2020

Process - Both Natural & Washed Lots

Variety - Hybrido de Timor & Typica

Grown at 1700 - 1800 masl

Natural - Complex Stone Fruit.

Washed - Soft Red Apple Acidity.

We are excited to bring you coffees from Timor Leste for the first time.

Here, we are offering two lots as a demonstration of processing methods used at Atsabe Community Mill. Both of these coffees stood out to us as refined, unique examples whilst sharing underlying characteristics.

This set will come with V60 brew guides for each coffee to help you get the best results from these outstanding coffee.