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Hayma, Yemen

Hayma, Yemen

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dried dates, star anise, whisky 

- Farm : Hayma Dakhiliya
- Producer : sourced through Qima coffee
- Region : Sana'a region, Yemen
- Variety :  Yemenia
- Processing method :  Alchemy process (aerobic fermentation 12 hours, then carbonic maceration 48 hours, dried in a controlled dark room 28 days, finally depulped)
- Altitude : 2000m asl
- Harvest: 2022

Mame x Dayglow introduces Hayma! We are stoked to be sharing such a unique flavor profile. Our very first time to have a Yemeni coffee, which was sourced for the German Barista Champion 2022 to compete at the world barista championship in Melbourne. The unique, very creamy body and flavors caught our tongues! In your cup you can enjoy boozy mouthfeel with spicy and sweet flavors such as dried dates and star anise, with the aftertaste of whisky.
The coffee variety Yemenia, from the farm Hayma Dakhiliya, Sana’a region, Yemen (around 2000masl) . The very first Yemeni coffee we at MAME ever owned, it was served by the German Barista Champion 2021 Aylin Aslan on stage.
The coffee was processed on 5 steps named Alchemy process : first aerobic fermentation for 12 hours, then carbonic maceration for 48 hours, dried in a controlled, dark room for 5 days, slow drying for 28 days (!!) and then finally depulped. This is all to highlight the viscosity of this beautiful coffee, gaining bold flavours and big sweetness.
Yemenia being tropical and floral alone, with this process it gets notes like dried dates, star anis and whisky in the round, full body.

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