Hacienda la Esmerelda - Special Geisha

Hacienda la Esmerelda - Special Geisha

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A truly stunning cup, showcasing both crisp white florals and a stone fruit richness enhanced by the process.

Producer: Hacienda La Esmerelda

Region: Boquete

Altitude: 1750 masl

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Natural

Harvest: March 2021

Roast Date: 10/19/2021

This lot specifically comes from Esmeralda’s El Velo farm, and is processed as a natural. El Velo lies to the north of the town of Boquete, at about 1750 masl. Due to the incredible traceability and separation that Esmeralda are able to provide, we know that this lot was picked on the Porton lot of the farm on the 10th of March this year, and was dried over 9 days on patios.

Esmeralda often use patios to dry microlots, as mechanical driers don’t provide the required level of accuracy when handling very small amounts of coffee. The ripe geisha cherries, sorted with Esmeralda’s trademark level of care and attention, are laid out in thin layers and turned often, leading to an even drying, but also a rather quick drying time.

This results in a clean and balanced natural, not dominated by process flavours. A truly stunning example of Esmeralda Geisha, showcasing both the crisp white florals that we have come to treasure from the Geisha varietal, and an enhanced stone fruit richness from the careful natural process.