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Dak Coffee Roasters

Guayaba - Colombia

Guayaba - Colombia

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Another very unique coffee from Angie Hernandez - an experimental washed caturra that has the perfect balance between tropical fruits and coconut creaminess.

Star Fruit
Experimental Washed, Caturra
Altitude of 2000m
For this coffee, the first step is of course picking ripe cherries as this will ensure optimal flavour and aroma. The process continues by cleaning and disinfecting the cherries with treated water to help eliminate impurities and unwanted microorganism. The 3rd step is sorting the cherries by density using water (higher beans tend to sink so the floaters will be removed). The cherries are then going through thermal shock, being soaked in 80 degree Celsius water for 20 seconds, followed by rapid cooling with cold water for 3 to 5 minutes. This process breaks down the sugar and pasteurises the beans which contributes to the final flavour of the coffee. The coffee is then pulped and sugars obtained by pressing the skin of the cherries are added in the fermentation tank to improve flavour profile and guarantee sweetness. The coffee is then fermented for 120 hours to make sure the sugars are broken down properly to ensure flavour and acidity in the coffee. Addition of preferments, similar to sourdough in bread, is also added. The coffee is then sun-dried for 15 days.


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