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Grapefruit & Earl Grey, Ethiopia

Grapefruit & Earl Grey, Ethiopia

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Another great Ethiopian coffee for us this year combining sweetness bergamot-like black tea resulting in a full mouthful with good balance. 

With over 400 farming methods, they allow the cherry to ripen well before they harvest, knowing that this allows for more sweetness. 

Whilst we are not certified organic, so unable to sell it as such, this coffee is grown in organic conditions from a certified organic washing station. 

They also believe that their god will let them know the exact right time to begin picking. 

This year the price of fertilizer as well as the effect of climate change on this reason has meant that Ethiopian coffees are at historically high prices. Unfortunately that is a trend that doesnt look like it will change anytime soon. But we are happy to pay fair prices for good quality. 

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