Genji Challa, Ethiopia

Genji Challa, Ethiopia

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Sweet and clean. Look for notes of stone fruit, orange blossom, honey and blueberries, a citric acidity and a long and delicate aftertaste.

VARIETY: Heirloom
ALTITUDE: 2000 masl
HARVEST: December 2020
Tasting Notes: Blueberries, Honey, Peach

Roast Date: 11/15/2021

Genji Challa is the younger sister of the well-known Nano Chala, a drying station and cooperative with more than 600 producers that cultivates the Heirloom variety in their small farms.

Genji Challa was born from the necessity of giving space to the new members and to the huge volume of cherries that proceeded after that in 2010, Nano Challa was chosen to be part of the Technoserve Coffee Initiative. This project from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, provided with technical assistance and business training that helped the members of this coop to evolve from natural processing to washing, as well as reinvest and control their economy.
The result is an excellent coffee that got access to the premiums of Grade 1 Ethiopian Specialty Coffees.

The process that the coffee beans go through in the washing station starts when the cherries are floated. After that, they are depulped. The coffee is then soaked in clean water in concrete tanks for 8 hours before drying; firstly skin-dried and sorted under shade before being sun-dried for approximately 10 days on raised African drying beds.