Gaia Farm COE, Tanzania

Gaia Farm COE, Tanzania

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  • Farm
    • Gaia farm
  • Producer
    • Finagro plantations co. ltd.
  • Micro region
    • Arusha
  • Altitude
    • 1720masl
  • Variety
    • Bourbon N39
  • Tastes Like 
    • pear
      • lime
        • strawberry jam

      We are extremely thrilled to release our first ever Tanzanian coffee!

      Coming from the good people at Finagro plantations, we have been lucky enough to be able to get our hands on the coe lot #1 wining coffee! Finagro is a multi-generational collective of coffee farms that takes pride and care in every step of their coffee production. They grow shade trees throughout the coffee plantations, mulch with their own grass and leaf cover and carefully manage their soils and water. They seek to innovate, bringing interesting coffee flavours to their consumers with both fully washed coffee and experimental (anaerobic/aerobic) fermentations.

      This particular lot is one of those very experiments. Earlier in the year Neel Vohora set out to see the effect of altering his fermentation tanks with various uses of acids. When the cherry was added to the tank citric acid was also added to the water which the cherry was then submerged in. The coffee is then fermented for 150 hours before being transferred for 12 days to a combination of shaded and unshaded drying beds.

      The result is excellent and very much worthy of our competition category.
      Expect notes of pear, lime, and strawberry jam!